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Welcome to Woods Landscaping.  We know how important first impressions are for your home and your business, and your lawn is one of the first things your family, friends, and clients see upon arriving.  Therefore, let us transform your dull, plain, land into a stunning and exciting welcoming display!

Woods Landscaping has multiple years of experience in the lawn care industry.  We operate mainly in Central Florida and Flagler areas, all the way from South Orlando to St. Augustine. In addition, our professionals are equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to maintain your dream landscape.

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Mission Statement

When you receive lawn care and landscaping services from Woods Landscaping, instead of any other landscaping company, you will receive high quality lawn care, responsive, competent, and friendly service, because Woods Landscaping knows your needs, works with highly trained employees, and continues to improve the quality and look of your lawn.
— Woods Landscaping Owners
Our customers are extremely important to us. Because of this reason, we are committed to deliver full customer satisfaction by being responsive and attentive at all times.
— Woods Landscaping Management
Friendly and high quality service. The mangers are always attentive and respond to our needs any time we need them.
— Client